Universal Version of Hype

Given all the requests on this forum for a Windoze version of Hype or a version that runs on the iPad, today's VS Code announcement (VS Code that runs in the browser & on the iPad ) should serve as an inspiration for what is possible😀.

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Years ago I told Tumult that Hype should simply be a web-based app. Visual Studio Code uses Electron, which is why it's able to support so many platforms. Even a Raspberry Pi can run Visual Studio Code.

Tumult could offer cloud services — a completely web-based solution with file storage — and still make the app available on other platforms. Web-based, but not only online. That way, the existing community is happy and the macOS app is supported, but then the app is available to more people.

I see people discussing GreenSock, but not Hype / Whisk. It's really a digital tragedy, as so much potential is lost. The idea of a cross-platform and cloud application can work. Look at iWork. It's amazing now. I recently created a Flowchart and I was quite surprised to see that I could use the online version of Pages to do the same thing.

Hopefully that's why we haven't heard much about Hype 5. Maybe Tumult is busy working. Because if Tumult is not doing what Microsoft and Apple is doing, then I'm not seeing much of a future for the software.

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Definitely agreed! The world is quite different from when we started 11 years ago, and the reasoning for doing a Mac-specific app just don't hold up if we were to rewrite Hype from scratch today. (We're not doing this rewrite for v5, FYI).

Well then, if you take for the future, the application should have special functionality at the output so that the user can choose in which format to save the finished project, For example, to an application iOS or Android or a website on HTML 5 or video or gif.
At the same time, everything should be intuitively understandable for ordinary users and web designers who are far from knowledge of the code. This will be a revolutionary breakthrough!

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I don't think they want to get into App Development territory, which is why I made the “Wrapping” Hype Export Script.