Unable to save or duplicate a Hype project: "HypeScratch doesn't exist"

I have no clue to why but i am not able to save a Hype project or duplicate it i get and error message The folder “HypeScratch.45JO9Z” doesn’t exist.

Did you try exporting the project as a template?
Did you try holding the alt key and using Save As?

correction… i just accidentally quit Hype and it finally prompt me to save document… Extremely strange behavior. no idea to what may have caused it.

Sometimes a quick restart will resolve this issue. If you hit the problem again, can you submit a bug report using Help > Report an Issue?

it may have been...

Actually we’ve been getting a few more reports of this lately; I’m starting to suspect it may have been caused by 10.11. Are you on El Capitan?

yes i am.

Thanks. For anyone else reading this thread:

If you see this behavior, please feel free to post a “me too” and let me know what version of OS X you are on. If you also did any general document modifications (like duplicate, revert, rename, save as, etc.) please let me know that as well.


me too, my OS is El Capitan

it seems that when this happens all images are lost (external items)

Is there a way around this?

I implemented what might be a workaround for the upcoming version of Hype, but I’m still curious to collect data on what OS X version folks experience this on.

I am having the same problem. I get the message about the scratch file not existing when I try to save. The imported images vanish from my Hype document. Not only that, but I cannot re-import them (new images are fine).

If I try to reimport any of the vanished images, they come in at 0px x 0px. I can see the point on my screen. If I grab that point and enlarge it, it’s just a blank box. If I create a blank box and change the fill to “image” and select any of the images that vanished, the box is still blank and it won’t accept an image fill.

I am running El Capitan and Hype version 1.6.2.

I have just had the same problem. I was editing a block of text when the following alert message appeared:

  • The folder “HypeScratch.L5lNld” doesn’t exist.
    The only option was to select OK, after which point the message immediately reappeared. After about 20 instances of OK’ing the repeating messages, I managed to quit the application possibly by a well timed command-Q in between message appearances. On relaunch all of the images are now missing from my project.

Anticipating the image reimport problem that Dale Roe described above, I’m going to try and recover a time machine version of the project file (I assume the HypeScratch folder was within the package contents of this file?)

I am running El Capitan 10.11.3 and hype 3.5.0 (518) Standard Edition.

@DRoe & @dominic - You may have already done this, but it would be great to get a bug report so we can see what might be causing this: Help > Report an Issue, and include logs and your document.

@DRoe - If you can upgrade I recommend it, but if you have an exported version of your document we may be able to recover your document.

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Hi, Daniel. Thanks for the reply!

I have since upgraded to Hype 3.5 (or whatever the current version is). I had hoped that this would solve the problem but, unfortunately, it still exists.

I opened my problematic document in the new version of Hype and began to rebuild and the same thing happened — all of the re-imported images disappeared from the document after eventually getting an error message similar to the one that Dominic got and clicking through the repeated error messages.

If I right click on the Hype document itself and choose SHOW PACKAGE CONTENTS, the RESOURCES folder that previously held the images is now empty. And they aren’t in the trash or anywhere on my hard drive if I do a search for them — they are just gone.

I am guessing this document is screwed somehow and if I start off from scratch in the new version, I will no longer have this problem. I’m disappointed, though, because I hate to start over completely.

So, my temporary solution for this piece is to build to a certain point and save a copy frequently, so that when this inevitably happens, I have a copy not too far back to rebuild from. It’s a pain, but it’s better than starting over from the top.

Next time I have this image loss and missing scratch file issue, I will try to generate a bug report.

Again, thank you for your reply. I do love Hype; it’s an amazing tool.


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Same thing is happening to me as well. I have had to rebuild two projects.

10.11 here

Hoping thiat it gets resolved.

Im getting the same Im saving in the iCloud Drive folder so not sure if that has something to do with it?

Hi @Qxotic and @cowdar

I don't recommend using cloud storage services to use as your live editing folder location.

Can you both submit a bug report using Help > Report an issue? That will help us narrow down the root cause.

Sorry you lost work! This is not something we want to ever happen. One thing that may help is if you select File > Revert to > Browse all Versions:

This will show you a time machine interface that will let you go back to an earlier document state.

If anyone else sees this issue, please submit a bug report using Help > Report an issue, and include any relevant files.

Yes, I have it too, and its becoming serious, I no longer can trust the integrity of my files. I have a huge 6 page site that I have tons of hours in and am considering starting over page by page, which will make it a giant money loser. My client is…unhappy. I can make edits that work, but may not work the next day.

I store my working folder in iCloud, but move it to either my desktop or my laptop, depending on where I will be working on a given day. Maybe that is a bad idea. and may be forced to redo all the files on speculation. I dont know if I can trust USB sticks, but am thinking about putting my files there instead, who knows where to start.

I submitted a bug report with two out of the six files.

El Capitan, I long for the days of Snow Leopard, I am 1000% happy with doing totally manual backups, if there is a problem its my fault, but these days, who can tell what caused what problem.

I can’t recommend keeping a .hype file within the ICloud folder. Make sure you have backups also! This can take the form of an export as well, since you can recover your original document from an export.

ok, will switch to a usb jump drive for transport, or go USB cable between Macbook which I take to another location ,and desktop at home.

I have an old Mac Pro operating in target mode for backups, will use it more frequently. Wish I could run late OSX on it.

I am going to combine the two files I attached in the bug report into one, making them into scenes. I am losing my tail on this project, but I wanted it to be a learning experience for responsive/flexible, and it is that for certain.