Unable to save or duplicate a Hype project: "HypeScratch doesn't exist"

(Ken Heins) #22

Went away from icloud storage yesterday, no issues since that time.

(Ken Heins) #23

Just sent a bug report with new occurrence of the Scratch file missing. Forgot to add, and I am sure this is an Apple bug, but Safari Developer Responsive App Mode and Safari history has to be reset every time I use it, sometimes multiple times, or…just not at all. I am going to try Firefox as my default, honestly I am abandoning just about all Apple developed apps. They just dont have a handle on it any more.

(Ken Heins) #24

5 minutes later, even a OSX restart does not help. Background; This all started when I made an edit to an image contained in the Hype file. Will try migrating all of he files into a new Hype file.

(Ken Heins) #25

My fault, did not make the image change in all layouts. I am sure that explains it.

(davemez) #26

me too. Sierra 10.12.6. Files on usb3 drive. v604. Trying restart to see what happens.
OK, did that. I think I found a possible bug. The process included a video file, and supporting formats. The error occurred when hitting the ‘replace’ button in the resource panel AFTER re-editing the video to a longer length then saving over the file with the same filename. When using the ‘replace’ button, it seems as though Hype sees the name and not the files size or date change so it doesn’t update the video and prompted the error. On second try, I used the reload button next to the replace button instead. This re-read the file and updated it without the error.