Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin

I hate Gutenberg. :laughing:


It’s just like the airline joke. How do you make a WordPress plugin with a million installs? Remove a feature used by 60 million people.

Soon after publishing that article, the Classic Editor plugin quickly hit 5+ million installs.

...but, if the Hype plugin is to have a future, it probably should support Gutenberg.

Classic Editor is an official WordPress plugin, and will be fully supported and maintained until at least 2022, or as long as is necessary.

Gutenberg was pushed hard. The WordPress community pushed back even harder. (Just look at the reviews for the plugin.) Even two years later, I still prefer the classic editor.

You will come around. Change is always hard…

That said, you and me are "old" and time flies. It is slowly getting broader adoption and there are some good use-cases popping up. But most important there are loads of new users onboarding on WordPress that have never really used classic and Gutenberg hence the way forward.

Ultimately having a block builder is a good thing … and Hype for WordPress needs to adopt it also. A shortcode is still okay for the limited functionality but having a native block would help for people growing up and into the new interface.

I don't accept that. Regardless of my age, I know what I like. As an example, whew, Apple changed widgets. SwiftUI, WidgetKit, and Swift in general is way harder to learn than Gutenberg. And yet, that's what I've been doing. It's because I can see potential. Do I agree with Apple's decisions? Eh, I think SwiftUI is inferior to Web Development. I don't like the idea of glanceable widgets either. I prefer mini apps. Yet, I'm grinding through because these Apple changes are creating opportunity. There's a logic to what Apple is doing.

And in general, I like where Apple is going. Those new M1 Macs, AMAZING! That's a big change, but it's a good change.

With Gutenberg? I just don't like it. The whole point of WordPress is that it makes adding content easy. Gutenberg gets in my way. Just because something is new doesn't mean it's better. If I have to adjust my workflow, there are many alternatives out there. Why stay with WordPress?

Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 was one of the worst upgrades I've ever seen. Yet, I think if you need an enterprise level website, it can be worth the effort. There are lots of great features in Drupal 8... now 9... and 10 has great potential. If WordPress kills the classic editor, I'd more likely switch to Drupal — big change, don't care. That's how much I hate Gutenberg.

Yup, and my condolences go to Tumult. :crazy_face:

I know where you are coming from but if you ever used Medium.com ... it’s a breeze to add content as „blocks“ and WordPress now works the same. It might be a matter of taste (convenience over code control) but it beats adding Shortcodes and managing images in a classic editor by miles. If you consider it for page building it still has some way to go but for writing blogs its already way ahead of the old ways.

One of the nice things about the Medium website is...

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Update: version 1.9.5 was released January 12, 2021 2:22 PM

The next version of the Wordpress Plugin has some large changes. If you can test this plugin before wider release (and the release of Wordpress 5.6) that would be awesome.

While I haven't seen any issues running this update, please don't run this on a production server. Here's what's new:

Things to test:

  1. Large OAM widgets (try to upload something larger than your upload size limit shown in the upload panel).
  2. Use the plugin in additional languages.

Install instructions and download here:


Hi Daniel... can you please tell me how to make a new post/question in this thread? I have no idea... thanks!

You just did! What can I help you with?

Lol... such a noob :confused:

I have created a button that plays an audio file, exported as .oam, have it working on the website desktop. I tried the page on iOS and it doesn't trigger the sound. I have imported the sound into Hype as both .mp3 and .ogg (screenshot). Not certain how to arrange the export so it also works on mobile?

Thanks Daniel.

Works for me on iOS (latest update)

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Thanks Max. Had a couple friends try, works as well. Guess i need an update...

Hello @Daniel!

When I upload an OAM file, the site (WordPress) doesn't display anything. I have no idea why this is happening.

I removed any plugin (except Hype) and left a default Wordpress theme active, but the situation is the same.
If I activate the "iFrame" from plugin Options, then it displays part of the content (because the height and width are not set), but I would have preferred not to use iFrame.

Any idea what it could be from?
Thank you!

If you set a minimum height of your document this should fix your issues -- you can find help for fixing this in the responsive document tips section above: Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin

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Thank you.
I took into account the information from your recommendation and now it's ok.

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Posted a little update to signal our compatibility with Wordpress 6.2 and make things look a little nicer. :flying_saucer:


Six-point-two? :thinking:
Look at you, fancy beta tester! :smile:

I had been reading… well, more like glancing… the news about the next update. Here's what it said…

WordPress 6.2 is scheduled for release on March 28, 2023

WordPress 6.2 Release Candidate 2 – WordPress News

Nice! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Daniel ,

Usually, it works fine.

However, Upload new animation interface seems working globally at backend, but it is not visible.

For test purpose, you can access ANY backend page, like https://yoursite.com/wp-admin/index.php, or any other backend page, and copy the content of the page, and paste content to a rick text editor, and it will show:

Upload new animation

Drop .OAM file or click here to upload

(Maximum upload size 100MB)

In some case, it will interfere with other plugin setting pages.

I am not coding background, but it seems that the interface of Hype plugin should be limited to only itself, but not site globally.


This was a holdover for when there was a 'classic editor' upload form on New Post pages created by the previous plugin author. I'll fix this up in the next update.