Transitioning to Hype, some questions!

Quick background!

I am a digital designer who creates animations primarily banners for a 3rd party Ad Agency. I ONLY use Animate cc. So I have a couple of questions that might help me decide whether I need to change to Hype or not!.

  • When I export from Animate CC I have these files: HTML, JS, Image Folder, (createJS somtimes) Should this whole folder have a Minimum file size? I have looked at the IAB Guidelines, however they are stating 200kb maximum for an Animation ?!.. create JS alone is 190kb alone, then with a js file of 50kb example, then 2/3 images that is nearly 500kb with NO Js animation file… am I missing something?

  • I am actually leaving for another Job so I really want to learn more about the delivery section over the Design, seeing as I only send my files to someone else, can someone give me some basic rules/guidance of what areas I should be looking at next for things like testing, restrictions.

Thanks in advance and sorry if I am vague, any information is super welcome as I am looking for someone I can start bouncing ideas with people and learn more !

If you transition from Animate I don’t understand the question. It sound like you want to embed Animate CC (previously known as Flash) into Hype. That’s not a good idea or practice! But I might have misunderstood that.

Best practice: You will in the future only deal with Hype and animate in the app. Then your size concerns are only based around your export files and can be further reduced if the Ad-Provider accepts the Hype-Runtime to be excluded from the size limit (like often with TweenLite etc.).

Hope this helps

Sorry! I meant transitioning from Animate CC on a daily basis to using Hyper on a daily basis instead! I did word it a bit confusingly…

I am just trying to understand where I should head from here, at the moment I only make generic banners which have animations, camera movements and interactive buttons, I have noticed to create elements such as parallax, countdown timers and other interesting elements I need to maybe branch away from Animate CC.

Also I need to learn more about file exporting and size!

I guess my main question is did anyone use Animate before Hype and think its a good move?

Okay. Animate CC was formerly known as Flash. So many people used it and it was very wide spread. Then Steve Jobs boycotted Flash and GSkinner (a former Flash user that got very popular) was hired to write a HTML5 exporter for Flash. That is basically the output you know today (CreateJS etc.).

Animate CC can do all the things Flash could do with a couple of limitiations but Parallax and other stuff should be possible. As I recall correctly the export relies on a Canvas-Object and therefor had some performance and retina issues (initially… might be fixed these days).

I would recommend switching away from Animate CC as it’s this monolith that was warped and skewed from it’s original codebase to accommodate the changing times and underwent some breaking technology changes.

Hype on the other hand was built from the start to work for Interactive HTML5 and is much closer to native HTML then Animate CC. So I’d say go with the Hype :slight_smile:

That is great, I guess it won’t hurt learning hype anyway so I can jump between the 2.

I just really love the functionality of Symbols having animations ready to play and transition at anytime, and I also love the animation process. I can get some great effects! but it is restrictive… eitherway it is time to learn!

Quick Question… have you ever made a countdown timer banner using Hype?

There are several people that did it one forum search away:

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Very sorry I just found so many lol!!

After 1 hour of using this it’s amazing! So impressed

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Don’t be sorry that’s what the forum is for. Welcome to the family!


You will find that the “restrictions” may have been solved by many here on the forum. :slight_smile: Max being one of them!


I wanted to jump in here – a great place to start is this post: Advertising Banner Production: Start here, where you can learn a bit more about the different tools built into Hype for ad delivery like Advanced Export (great for seeing live feedback on your export file size), Export Scripts, and setting up click tags. A lot of how you test these things depends on the banner network.

This might also be helpful: Creating an HTML5 Advertisement in Tumult Hype

Some ad networks just require a singe line of code in the <head> of the document while others want macros and click tags, all quick and doable in Hype without too much trouble.

Don’t forget Visual Ad Creation Workflow with Tumult Hype :wink:.


You guys don’t realize how helpful this is… I have nearly got a new job at a greatttt company and this is going to make everything so much better. I have been playing with it today and I am going to go through all the tutorials from tonight :)!

I am mostly excited about the fact there is so many people doing something simliar and who are really interested as well, my excitement is super hype right now!

Thanks for all your links and directions, be sure to see many questions from me soon enough ahahah