Timeline labels

Please can you add timeline labels. For example, we can label position 00:05:00 something more meaningful like “end” or whatever the case may be. Ofcourse though, this would mean we would need a way to reference this label from a new action. Which leads me to the topic of targeting elements via actions which is a whole other topic that needs to be addressed.


Have you thought about using Custom behaviours for this.

Create a new CB. to for example go to time in timeline. Then call the CB by name/Label in any action you need it.

Not sure I follow, Can you explain further please?

Probably not the best example.

CBExample.hype.zip (16.7 KB)

@MarkHunte nice suggestion for making actions more meaningful; I hadn’t thought of using them as a substitute for labels like that before!

Anyways, timeline labels are still a good feature from Edge Animate. We haven’t implemented them yet as there are clunkiness/clutter tradeoffs to consider and there are workarounds available, but it is definitely on our radar.

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How are we doing with adding labels to timelines part, Team Hype?

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Yes, @jonathan

Yes, it is a time-saving visual help in EdgeAnimate, very useful while reworking projects created by others or reviving some past creations..

– but maybe it be possible to minimize the delay time of hover effect of Timeline Actions diamond-shaped indicators?

When hovering over 'blue diamonds' (see my screen shot – I marked those with green circles),
there is a significant lag, forcing me to double-click on the diamonds to be able to see what actions they do contain. A quicker label show-up on hover would be a really welcome workaround!

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Better yet maybe change or add the action:
Go to Time in Timeline --> Continue playing to Time in Timeline

Sometimes I do not want to change the timeline or jump into a different Scene.

Mockups of how timeline labels might be implemented…


A little Flagsymbol would be better.

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Yeah, I foresee some trouble in label paradise… :smile:

But it’s good people keep this on their radar. Faster response when you mouse over or mouse over + keyboard action over an indicator seems best thus far.

Here is another mockup… making a distinction betweeen:

  • Actions and values that are entities in the timeline
  • Labels that reside and resemble the playhead and are marks on the timeline (itself)


This reminds me of Flash or Edge Animation.


Apple’s Motion app… Marker (circled in magenta) pops this up when clicked on… mouse over reveals name (if entered); and of course You can add them while the playhead is moving (single key press) - great for syncing media.