Timeline markers plus 'Next marker' or 'Previous marker' Actions

I know you can go to a specific time in a timeline but I’d like to have the option to (a) set markers in the time line then (b) have Actions that go to the ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ marker.

e.g. Stepping through an animation.

In Actions:
On Mouse Up > Action: Go to Next Marker in Timeline
Timeline: Main Timeline

Option: Named markers.
e.g. Marker name: ‘intro’, time code: 00:00:00
Marker name: ‘stage 1 - equipment preparation’, timecode: 00:05:03
Marker name: ‘stage 2 - patient preparation’, timecode: 00:11:01

In Actions:
On Mouse Up > Action: Go to Marker in Timeline
Timeline: Main Timeline
Marker: ‘stage 2 - patient preparation’ (select from ‘Markers’ dropdown list)

Animation Menu
Could add new options:

  • Next Marker
  • Previous Marker

Thanks for the detailed request, Peter!

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In addition… the ability to set the markers in the timeline with a keystoke: “Insert” menu > “Add Marker” > “M” (keystroke shortcut) while the timeline is playing. When using Apple’s Motion program this sort of capability has proven a real productivity enhancer, especially with longer involved scenes that use many different props~graphic elements, as you can set cues dynamically (as the base animation plays) for the timeline location of the entrance~exit of the various other elements.

This feature would increase in value when Hype can play audio while the timeline runs and your elements need to be synced tightly to a rhythm or narration.


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This is also related to

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Another vote for timeline markers. :slight_smile:

Right now, a workaround I’ve been using is to create empty timeline keyframes. If would be nice if I had markers that were a different colour, to make it easier to distinguish between markers and keyframes.

I’m using the markers to help with audio syncing.


and also in After Effects