Timeline labels


Please can you add timeline labels. For example, we can label position 00:05:00 something more meaningful like “end” or whatever the case may be. Ofcourse though, this would mean we would need a way to reference this label from a new action. Which leads me to the topic of targeting elements via actions which is a whole other topic that needs to be addressed.

Timeline markers plus 'Next marker' or 'Previous marker' Actions
(Mark Hunte) #2

Have you thought about using Custom behaviours for this.

Create a new CB. to for example go to time in timeline. Then call the CB by name/Label in any action you need it.


Not sure I follow, Can you explain further please?

(Mark Hunte) #4

Probably not the best example.

CBExample.hype.zip (16.7 KB)

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

@MarkHunte nice suggestion for making actions more meaningful; I hadn’t thought of using them as a substitute for labels like that before!

Anyways, timeline labels are still a good feature from Edge Animate. We haven’t implemented them yet as there are clunkiness/clutter tradeoffs to consider and there are workarounds available, but it is definitely on our radar.

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #6

How are we doing with adding labels to timelines part, Team Hype?


Yes, @jonathan

Yes, it is a time-saving visual help in EdgeAnimate, very useful while reworking projects created by others or reviving some past creations…

– but maybe it be possible to minimize the delay time of hover effect of Timeline Actions diamond-shaped indicators?

When hovering over ‘blue diamonds’ (see my screen shot – I marked those with green circles),
there is a significant lag, forcing me to double-click on the diamonds to be able to see what actions they do contain. A quicker label show-up on hover would be a really welcome workaround!

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #8

Better yet maybe change or add the action:
Go to Time in Timeline --> Continue playing to Time in Timeline

Sometimes I do not want to change the timeline or jump into a different Scene.


Mockups of how timeline labels might be implemented…

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #10

A little Flagsymbol would be better.

(Rick) #11

Yeah, I foresee some trouble in label paradise… :smile:

But it’s good people keep this on their radar. Faster response when you mouse over or mouse over + keyboard action over an indicator seems best thus far.


Here is another mockup… making a distinction betweeen:

  • Actions and values that are entities in the timeline
  • Labels that reside and resemble the playhead and are marks on the timeline (itself)

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #13

This reminds me of Flash or Edge Animation.


Apple’s Motion app… Marker (circled in magenta) pops this up when clicked on… mouse over reveals name (if entered); and of course You can add them while the playhead is moving (single key press) - great for syncing media.