Text editor box?

Hi Guys.

I don’t know if I am using Hype in a wrong way but when it comes to edit some text inside groups it became pretty hard to change the content, unless you take the “text” to be edited outside the group, or ungroup the text if there is lot of them (and loose the scale behaviour of the group by the way…).
So my question is : Have you some magic button I haven’t seen to allow an instant access to the content of the text of an element ? If not, what about a kind of permanent box in the font/text interface mode to allow to see and to change content. The ideal behavior could be : Just to click on the Timeline Action to choose the element to be edited and this “editor” will always show the content of the “text” part of the element.
Like this, even if you have some effect running like opacity or layers on top of the element and hidding them or avoiding to double click to edit them, with this “editing box”, it will be a joke to put a dot or a coma in a text having a very low access

I hope it helps…

Thanks guys


Assign a keyboard short cut to the Edit Element’s inner HTML Menu item.

You can do this using the Macs System Preferences.

See this post on how to do that.

Mine is like this.

Which means I can select the Element in the Element list and hit the shortcut .
The innerHTML editor for that element will pop open.


Thank you so much…My fault…I never use the menus…almost…
Good idea for the shortcut. Make access easier.
Perhaps, a dedicated window will appear in a far future version…There is plenty of space in the font interface to have a dedicated place to see it…

Thanks for your help


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