Text around an image (or text in a custom form) and text between two separated boxes

Hi everyone, newbie here. I apologise if my question has been yet treated (I didn't find it, anyway).
I'm trying to do two different things:

  1. Placing an image “inside” a text;
  2. Dividing the text into two (or more) text-boxes.

About point 1,
I mean something similar to a Text Document (LibreOffice) where you can “wrap” an image to be before/after/parallel to the text. In InDesign you can obtain an even better result creating a text-box and then adding various nodes with the pen tool in order to morph the text-box into a non-regular shape to follow the non-regular shape of an image. Both techniques seem to be inapplicable to Hype. How can I solve it?

About point 2,
I'm referring to an InDesign feature, i.e. having the possibility to paste a text in a series of boxes where the exceeding text of the 1st box automatically goes to the second box, etc.
Is it possible in Hype?

Many thanks in advance.

not builtin, but you can achieve it using the innerHTML of HypeElements.

you may consider browsersupport ...


To add to @h_classen answer on shape-outside you may want to look at


Also here is an update version that has the image as a background of the shape.
(You don't have to have an image , it can be blank)


<div class="felem">  </div> 
 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Officiis impedit libero esse odio excepturi fuga est ut itaque a quod suscipit, rerum asperiores. Consequuntur voluptates illo rerum recusandae pariatur asperiores, aspernatur, saepe ipsum error dolorem, quod inventore possimus modi deleniti tenetur et officiis. Nemo ab in totam ratione sequi error, ea dolorum repudiandae omnis, eaque facere impedit fugiat. Dolorum distinctio autem sequi enim quidem esse

css in the head file

	.felem {  
  float: left!important;
  shape-outside: circle(50%)!important;
   width: 245px!important;
  height: 245px!important;
  border-radius: 50%!important;
  /* 	Make sure this is cascading last */
	  background-repeat: no-repeat!important;
   background-size: 245px 245px


FloatText_2.hype.zip (883.6 KB)


Also check these

Text only multi regions (rectangles):

HTML version with a css regions polyfill:


OMG guys! So many replies and so greats inputs!
I'll try everything.
Many many thanks!

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