Task with several timelines?

in my case there is a landscape and I want to show different layers. There are also 4 buttons. I want the user to be able to choose which layers are displayed at the same time. Options for example: only layer A or layer B+C or layer A+B+D ....
How can I achieve this?
It would be nicest if the fade-ins of the layers start with an animation. But then that will probably get really complicated if the current ones stay faded in. So for example:
Layer A is faded in and the user presses the button for layer C. This is then faded in with an animation. :thinking:

Its always best to post an example projects.

From what I can understand it should not be that hard to do what you want.

Each layer will be controlled by it's own timeline.

Just have a button for each that controls the timeline.
You can use this trick to make the buttons toggle the timeline.

land.hype.zip (657.4 KB)

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to late ... :crazy_face: anyway ...

toggleLayers.hype.zip (19.0 KB)


WOW! Thank you so much :heart_eyes: @Mark @ Hans-Gerd
The function "Continue Timeline" is great and easy to me.
Unfortunately I don't know anything about JavaScript. But the result ist great too.

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