Target busters - Shooting gallery

Here I am again with new experiments, this time after the game of the MOLES I kept thinking about those little games that can be made with HYPE and I wanted to do something different. So I start to think in those games that can be played without any button, not even in the main menu.

This time I made a little shooting gallery game with a character making the shooting and a menu without "buttons".

Play Target Busters

OK, I really like to make one button games and now I want to make "No button games" and I think there is so many possibilities, I started a series of games, all of them has physical buttons on the screen to roll over and do something to interact in the games and wow, there a bunch of ideas. Let's see what happens.

I'm still selling comercial games with partners and using different game engines, but I really like to use HYPE to make my experiments. Remember... more limits you have, more creative you become.


This was fun! I got 44 but am worried about RSI of playing too much on my laptop trackpad :rofl:.

Have you thought about adding either a shot animation or a fade in animation on the targets?


Possibly a good trainer for hand eye coordination. :+1:


Originally there were ducks flying from side to side and the name was "Duck busters", I have the animation of the ducks and everything, but I was experimenting with random positions in the screen with this little circles and it was also fun, LOL, and YES I made the animation of the targets cracking, but in the testing I wanted them to be quicker so I get rid of the animation and let change positions faster.

Thanks for the nice comments, I'll keep making this little games :yum: