System Font Issue: Disappearing/invisible elements on layout/preview panel


This morning when opening my project, all the elements within the layout panel area have become invisible (they are present within the timeline and in the resources panel). I can select them on the timeline and duplicate them, then the duplicate element appears on the layout panel as it should. However if I save and open the file again they become invisible again.

Stranger, opening a new file and creating an element there are no active anchors/controls visible (button states are not present even though the button is selected.) I also cannot edit Head or Javascript without a crash! I am in the middle of a project and thought Hype would save me hours of work but I’ve already wasted today on this with no resolution. I have already uninstalled/reinstalled (pro version 3.0.3) with no luck and sent in crash and issue reports with files attached.

Might be related to this issue, but not exactly:

Any help appreciated - I’m dead in the water on this one!

Thanks! Kevin


UPDATE: I believe I have solved my issue! Everything seems to be back in order. For future reference I am chalking this up to a font issue with OS X. I was using this page as a reference ( ) and after re-installing fonts from the OS X install package (towards the end of the page). I have quite a few clients that use HelveticaNeue (Postscript) for print projects, and I believe this was causing my issue, although I don’t really know why it began a week after I started using Hype.



Glad you found a solution! Can you share what you did to restore things to normal?


Yes - short version is: cleaning out all fonts and font caches (used both Onyx and Font Nuke) and re-installing fonts directly from Yosemite installer package (fairly detailed description under the link in the update above).