Syncing animation to fixed audio track

Okay – I got it to work. The capture is a bit finicky; I found it trickier to line the audio up precisely in Hype. I have to bring the QT capture into Final Cut to get the exact start and stop points, rather than rely on QT’s cruder trimming. But once it’s accurately rendered, it does make things a bit easier. Thanks again!

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I recommend buying QT 7 Pro from Apple and using that instead of the more recent versions. It has all sorts of capabilities that were taken out of later versions. As Apple tries to force users to use the newer versions, I moved QTX to the Applications > Utilities folder, then set all pertinent files to open in QT7 rather than QTX. I can then save, extract, insert audio tracks, output to various formats / codecs / screen sizes, and do whatever.

Hi Trey!

I’ve been using QT Pro since 2005 - it is still one of the best editors I’ve used, and am still using (as I mention in Post #3 & 14 in this thread) such as adding waveforms to an audio track using the “Add to Selection and Scale” command - one of the most valuable editing functions I’ve ever encountered.

QT Pro 7 Referenced in Post #14:

Sorry. I thought your post said QuickTime 10.