Synchronize animation to audio

lately i have often used hype to add animations to explanatory videos. there is a big problem in hype. i can't create an audio track in hype to match movements exactly with audio. so i exported the audio track from final cut as mp4 video and placed the video in hype. then it works very well to synchronize animation with audio.

will it be possible in the future to integrate an audio track into hype, like the video track, to synchronize animation timing accurately? that would make hype very interesting for video productions.


Thanks for the request - definitely one of the areas missing that we would like to address.


Has there been any movement on adding this feature?

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Thanks for your feedback and checking up on this. There are no audio changes in the latest v4.1. We generally don't comment on upcoming features/releases or release dates -- so there's nothing new to announce at this time.

You can use something like this…

It's for Vimeo but could be rewritten for the regular video tag.

thanx @MaxZieb - but this example is without audio.
it is primarily about audio synchronisation to timeline actions. this is now possible with the videotimeline, but it still fails with synchronised audio. the problem i have noticed is that the browsers also output different start times - probably because of the loading time. and there it becomes a problem to have audio start correctly with the animation.

Yes, but the timeline is in sync. The video could also have audio.
Another experiment that send many cues based on narration is:

yes, that's what i described above. you have to create an mp4 video from an audio file and place it outside the scene. then you can create animations in hype and have them play in sync with sound.

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Yeah! It was a feature request :man_facepalming:. I marked it accordingly. Yes, native sync in the IDE… understud. You can do it with JS but that is not what your after. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

no problem. i'm always happy to get tips from good programmers.

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