Symbols / Buttons not visible (remains hidden)

I have a button that is a symbol 'Next'. when the user clicks on it, the timeline progresses. The challenge I am facing is getting the button to show up, when i mouse over the cursors changed to the hand indicating there is a action. The button is there but is invisible. Opacity is set to 100%. Any guidance to troubleshoot this would be really appreciated. Thank you Hype community for your consideration!

Happy to help, can you post a Hype document so we can look at it?

I see two basic problems:

  • Within the "Next" symbol, the Vector Shape is on top of the Rectangle 1 that has most of the actions. You can either check "Ignore pointer events" on the Vector Shape so the clicks pass through, or you can put the events in a group that contains both items.
  • The Rectangle 1's On Mouse Over actions control the Main Timeline for the symbol, but it looks like you probably want it to control the "Play" timeline instead. There's nothing past the 1 second mark on the symbol's Main Timeline, so it won't really be doing anything.

Beyond that, the button shows up for me on the document that you sent, albeit clipped on the edge as it is half off the scene.

In the screenshot you sent, it appears that the symbol element itself has an opacity animation, so perhaps that is making it invisible?

Eureka! Your tips pointed me in the right direction and eventually, I was able to make it reappear by copying and pasting animations for the symbol layer. Thank you so much, Jonathan for your swift resolution! One other related question I have for you is that Rectangle added scrollbar areas to the right and left of the box, there is nothing to scroll but it creates a halo around the Rectangle that shouldnt be there. How would I remove this? Thank again for stepping in and shedding light on the situation :slight_smile:

Great, glad that worked!

It is likely that the content overflow settings in the Metrics Inspector on a group or symbol element are set to "Scrollbars" or "Auto Scrollbars". Instead you'll likely just want "Visible" which is the default.

If that doesn't do it, feel free to attach a zip of your .hype with the rectangle in question and we can help nail it down.

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