Troubleshooting PDF linking

Once again, thank you for swooping in with a fix!! Really appreciate it.

The last issue I'm facing is regarding graphics (PDF, 20MB) that are not showing up on the website. For example, the layer "kamako" (which is an infographic), shows up at the 3 second mark within the Hype workspace, but when Previewing the site in the browser, the graphic doesn't show up. Other scenes with a PDF added a graphic, also exhibits the same behavior. Any further tips or guidance to get the graphics to be visible would be greatly appreciated. Screenshot attached :slight_smile:

If you check 'Automatically optimize when exporting' when you have that PDF selected at the bottom of the Resource library, the PDF will be converted to an image so it should appear when exported. But you may want to convert this PDF to an image before importing into Hype.

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Simple and efficient resolution. Much appreciated!!

If you visit the URL of your PDF by typing it in, you may get something where %20 replaces spaces in the filename. This is sometimes determined by your server. Or you could change the filename to something without spaces, like "Internews_BHA_report.pdf".

Hi Daniel, thank you for your kind tips, really saves me hours and hours! So I went ahead and added hypens to the filename as suggested, and I added a new version to the resource library. But I'm still getting the .txt attached to zero-byte file that is downloaded. No dice... Any other ideas for trouble-shooting it?

Can you share a link?

So I just had to uncheck the box titled "Automatically optimize when exporting" in the Metric tab of the Inspector and Voila! Downloads as a PDF successfully - no more .txt appended! I took a look at the knowledgebase document you wrote up here, so thanks to you!

Daniel, would it be possible to delete the screenshot from our thread from my earlier post above? It doesn't allow me to on my end, and I just want to make sure our proprietary information is not on display - if you would kindly assist in taking it down, I'd really appreciate it

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I removed the post with the screenshot (I think just editing out the link would leave it in the edit history).

If you don't have the "optimize" setting than the image probably won't display properly on the page since it is a .pdf, but if you do have the "optimize" setting then it will convert to a websafe format and can no longer be referenced via a pdf extension since that isn't part of the export.

Further you cannot have two copies of the same file in the resource library even if they are named differently, as Hype "smartly" detects this. So there's no way to have two entries with each setting.

I'd recommend including the .pdf without the optimize setting, and add another image meant for display in a websafe (jpg, png) format. You can even copy out the one Hype produces in an export when the optimize setting is turned on.