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I’ve developed a hype app and exported it to html 5. I’m running it under some kiosk software called Surefox so that I can lock the tablet down. I can’t however suppress the home buttons at the bottom of the screen. I know that under Android version 5 it is possible to suppress them and code is given but I wonder if it is possible to use Java script to do this.

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Have a look at “SureLock” it’s an app that allows setup of Single Application Mode (the equivalent of Guided Access for iOS) and control of what apps can be allowed to open or be used.

Here is some more information.

You can also use “screen pinning” as of 5.0 onwards.

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Hi DBear, Many thanks, in the end I used Kioware which took care of the problem. I was using Surefox but its a bit temperamental.

I have another question if I may… I have created several scenes with a number of image that can be clicked through., I’ve used the time line to make an image visible then invisible to show the next image etc.

What I find by doing this is that the website runs very slow. It takes a moment or two for an image to load. The could be say 15 images on a single scene, each but made visible in turn. i have a forward and back button so the visitor can look through the images sequentially.

Would you have any idea on how to improve the speed the images load please?

The site is quite big… I’m not sure that hype is quite designed for so many layouts and images as hype halts every few minutes for say 30 second to save (I presume).

What tablet model are you using? For Samsung and for many other android tablets, SureFox can disable hardware keys such as Recent Apps, Home, Back button or Volume up and down. On these devices you can also completely hide the bottom bar.

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I have used another alternative MobiLock Pro where you can also able to enable/disable hardware buttons on Android tablet as per requirement.

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Here’s my collection of Kiosk apps and solutions.

I’ll add MobiLock @David081 thanks!

easy for you to say :wink: :smiley: