Stranger Things - Work disappeared


There was a strange occurrence over night with my work. I worked in a project in Hype4 that I created 3 years ago originally. At that stage vector shapes were not available so I used vivus.js to run vector animations. I thought that seeing I can recreate this now in Hype natively, I revisited the project. I implemented vector animations replacing what I did before.

After doing this, I went to bed. I did not close or save the project and left my computer running. (I was under the impression that Hype saves work automatically) This morning the project was open, but all the work I did was missing. The scripts I deleted were back. The vector shapes I created in 3 different groups were gone.

There could be a few explanations for this: An angel tried to save me from future calamity and reversed what I did to discourage me to go there again. A demon is trying to sabotage me. I was in an altered state last night and it was a complete hallucination, or Hype decided to revert my project to its original state.

Any ideas? Thanks.

I would say you had a dream premonition of all the work you are about to do. Shame you did not see what the lottery numbers were…

Failing that and pulling a thought that may or may not be plausible on myth busters.
Nor match your setup.

But maybe…
The project is on an external drive where auto save does not work.

Your mac is set to auto login.

Your mac crashed, rebooted, logged in, remounted the drive and was able to open the same apps and windows that where open before the crash but not any auto saved ones .

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Hi Mark

The work is on an external drive, yes, but I rarely press commandS. I mean rarely! Maybe I’ve been lucky up to now.

If my computer switched off and logged in itself is a plausible as an Angel. I do believe though.

Maybe I’ve just been lucky!

Thanks for the input @MarkHunte

What does the “revert to” option under file gives you?
If you have daily and hourly backups running you might be able to find something there.

It just gives me a last opened timestamp. Which was the time I opened it the previous night.

in you can run uptime


Type uptime and hit enter.

This tells you how long your mac has been up since last reboot.

Hype does make use of the macOS Auto Save feature. I do not believe the documentation is accurate as to when it saves though; notably I do not believe it saves on open, and it will save when switching between applications.

This does mean there's a possibility if you left Hype front-most and your machine happened to restart within an hour (or otherwise your drive got unmounted and re-mounted), you may still lose data if you do not explicitly save.

If the external drive is HFS+ or APFS (less likely) then it should support the macOS Versions and Auto Save features. It will give a warning if it does not when you first attempt to save the document.

Hitting command-s immediately writes out changes to disk and also creates a versions checkpoint; I still recommend hitting it often :slight_smile:.

To clarify, did you look at your previous items in the File > Revert To > Browse All Versions… dialog?

Hi Jonathan.
I think the bottom line is: commandS
And I did use:

It has been a life saver a few times.

I've wanted to ask something in the past but never got to it: What happened to the Loading indicator in Hype 4? It is selected, but does not show up anymore? If this is opening a can of worms, I can ask it in a separate thread?

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