Spotlight effect using mask layers as in Flash

I am trying to create spotlight effects using mask layers to create a hole through which underlying layers are visible similar to animations I create in Flash.
But without success!
I there a way of doing this?

As Hype relies on the browser to render and doesn’t have it’s own engine look at the current developments in CSS like

as always: check for needed browsersupport …

Thanks for your reply and the example template linked to it. Great example and many thanks.
But I was thinking of having a dragable circular element (or one moving randomly) that would reveal the underlying image beneath a masked one.

you can drag the circle. it also follows mouse move. it reveals the element attached too … ¿!? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I meant similar to the effect shown here…

The effect is shown in the last few seconds.

As the circle moves it shows areas of the bottom image within the circle.

this is exactly what the example does … it’s me or you to be confused :slight_smile:

Sorry. I didn’t think that the circle could just show an area in part of the layer beneath it.