Slow site load with video on main page

I’m working on a small website and when I publish it, I have a sign that says “loading” and it’s quiet long to show the website. I din’t know where it comes from, maybe beacause I have a video on main page ? It’s 1280x720 and 12mbps in mp4 without autoplay, is that too much ? Otherwise it’s very simple, with a few pages with Vimeo video on it.
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It is shown if “Show loading indicator” in the Document Inspector is checked.

Videos aren’t preloaded and won’t hold up page loading, but it could very well be other assets on your page. I’d recommend firing up the Developer Console’s Network tab and see what might be causing long loading times. Preloading of resources can be disabled in the Resources Library by selecting the asset and unchecking “Preload.”

There are more tips on speed optimization here:

thanks for your useful infos and link, that’s it !
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