Sketch import Hype?

I use the Sketch app to design the interface. I used Principle for animation and interactive production, but I think this is not the most ideal way; a long time ago, I was a fan of Hype, I think this is the best way to give up AE. But Hype still lacks some functions. As for I haven't used it for quite some time; to this day, I have seen hype added the vector pen function, which is really great, but far from enough. I still have some suggestions and comments on Hype:

  1. I hope to zoom hype with two fingers, just like on Sketch and Adobe, using my fingers to zoom in and out of the canvas area, tapping to switch is too old and too tired.
  2. After inserting a button or rectangle, I like to adjust the border to 0, but the overall width and height are changed. I hope that, like Sketch, the overall height and width will not change when the border is changed.
  3. Due to the lack of a bridge to directly import sketch to hype, I have to restore my sketch content on hype, but hype does not have the element measurement function like Sketch does, which is very time-consuming and laborious for me to restore. In fact, the tool I am most looking forward to is Sketch + hype. I hope you will work hard to make my dream come true! This will be the new and latest breakthrough in 2021! Always support you!

Thanks for the feedback!

(I replied on the email you originally sent us direct with some more details/questions)

Any updates on this?


The best you can do now is Design whatever it is you design in Photoshop and use Photoshop to Hype Export

I used Principle before but personally found it to be a bit weird when it comes to animating elements and its key framing editing was a bit strange.

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