Sharing/updating symbols and ressources between files

I’m working on a large website project and i wonder if i will use Hype to manage the whole thing.

  • I’d like to use a multi-HTML page website (around 35) . Why ?
    quickly :
  • it’s easier to load,
  • it keeps the back browser button,
  • 1 hype file per page is faster to edit than big one
  • it has better seo structure
  • I saw that thread :

Which seems a good way to do my website.

But I made an animated menu within a symbol that i would like to share between all my files. Is it doable ?

Like a persistent symbol but shared in several hype files. I saw that we can export / import symbols but its adds new items instead of replacing 'em.

Do you think that i should use another way to structure my website like a cms or a bootstrap theme and only import hype animations when needed ? It would be annoying because hype was handy to create the kind of animated menu i made.

edit : maybe File & Advanced Export… feature is my friend there, even if its not 100% what i want :wink:

You can use a separate Hype file and include it on your Pages (menu or what ever the symbol does) and use Hype GlobalBehavior.

Thanks MaxZieb, i will check that :slight_smile: