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Hi All.

I sincerely appologise if this has been covered but I have not been able to find a specific answer thus far.

So far so good. I have everything exported and sitting happily in the Wordpress site. It’s working great, scaling perfectly, could not be happier thus far. There is one thing though that I just can not work out…

When setting the hype element, I need to assign a set div height, if I don’t, the container collapses. The width seems not so much an issue but unless the div height is given a ‘min-height’ setting, the container collapses to a teeny weeny thing.

Where this becomes an issue is in the responsive break points. While the hype document scales perfectly, the set hight on the div obviously does not, so I end up with a set dive height across all break points. This becomes an issue where there is content beneath the hype element and to resolve it, I have had to assign custom negative margin-top values for the various breaks; it’s really less than ideal.

Is there a way around this that anyone’s worked out? i’ve tried everything to no avail… :frowning:

Here’s the site

And this is the page where it’s an issue



(Mark Hunte) #2

Not sure if this is relivent to your site but maybe checkout the plugin

Also realy cool site. :+1:


Hey Mark. Yea, I have that installed but it’s not working for me right now - the shortcode is not displaying the content.

And cheers! Hype’s given the project a whole new element.


Bump Someone… anyone?

(Mark Hunte) #5

Please go to the Wordpress thread. If the issue has not already been solved there then post the question there.



Care to pint me there…? I can find topics tagged ‘wordpress’ but not thread in particular…

(Mark Hunte) #7

The wordpress plugin is the post I already pointed you to above !!!


Are you all set here?



Hey Daniel,

Yep, you solved this over on the plugin thread. All very good!