Save Frame Screenshot Jpg / backup image as JPG or PNG?

This would be useful for me as I can have a static version of the project I’m working on? I know I can take a screenshot and drag out a region as I’ve managed up until this point however, I tend to screenshot the edges of the doc and at times it seems more of a manual process going out and about removing unwanted areas of the screenshot?

File > Export as Movie > PNG Sequence does get you pretty close, you just need to convert one of the frames to JPG.

Some more threads on this:

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Hi Daniel,

So I would need to export the entire sequence as PNGs and find what I want to use? Great, but doesn’t that seem like a laborious task if I just want save out a single image it as png? Part of my workflow is creating an image for a email campaigns. It would be awesome to have a feature where anyone can click and export an image to a frame of their choice @jonathan ?


It’s a good feature request, and it’s been requested many times – I’ve added your vote.

Here’s a quick way:

  1. Preview in Chrome
  2. ⌘ + shift + p
  3. Type screenshot
  4. press the down arrow to select ‘node’ which will get the ‘body’ element: 14%20PM
  5. press return and a screenshot will saved of the current state

Unfortunately chrome doesn’t work when previewing something to do with proxy :confused:.

Also is that a third party Add-On for Chrome? I tried on the a different mac Pressing 1. ⌘ + shift + p doesn’t do anything?

What if I have animation how do I capture it within a browser, seems like I would have to stop the animation?

Hi Pete!

There is an easy way to create~view a magnifier rectangle that follows your cursor and is easy to toggle on & off. You can set its size and magnification, and the shortcut keys to activate~toggle it. It works well for close in work. (Please see Fig.1 below.)

And it functions while You do a selected area screen shot; no more trips to the image editor to fine tune!

Fig.1 - Screen shot of the magnifier using the parameters I spec’d.


1) To set up this magnifier go to “System Preferences” > "Accessibility"

2) Select the “Zoom” section.


3) Fine tune things using the “Zoom style:” > “Options…” button


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True, thanks for the tip!

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Don’t forget you can target a frame and export by using this method


You can also use html2canvas

I made this enabler but it has some downsides


@MarkHunte Technique does the job. I can drop an action go in timeline to the last frame and export as a sequence of pngs that essentially produces a single frame. Just thinking wouldn’t it be great if hype exported the last frame when exporting the html?

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Look in your Utilities folder for the Grab app. It lets you capture the window (shift-opt-w).

Thanks Frutan, I was looking for a within the Hype selection, option or a shortcut which would allow users to save out the last frame? Unfortunately, there’s non, but there’s a Hype workaround that Mark pointed out earlier that does the job.

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it’s been a standard feature in Adobe Edge Animate back in 2015! Called ‘Create a new poster image at the current playhead position’: 27