Backup image from stage

Hi there,

We’re using Hype since yesterday. We specialize in online banner production and we were wondering whether there is a function to export an HTML file with a backup/poster image. Since most ad serving programs require a backup image, this would help us a lot! In case there isn’t such a function, will this be implemented at some point in the future?


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Thanks for your request – we have had another request for this and I’ve added your vote to our feature tracker.

As we understand it, the image just needs to be static (not an animated GIF) and be the exact same size as the ad unit, correct? If there are any other guidelines or info you can share that would be great.

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Hi Daniel, that is absolutely correct! Just a static PNG or JPG would be perfect. Thanks for adding my vote. Where can we track the progress on this?

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Great – I’ll keep this thread updated as we progress, we don’t have a public feature site.

If the first frame of your Tumult Hype document is what you’d like to use as your backup image, one way to get a quick frame grab is to select File > Export as Movie > PNG sequence, and then just export the first frame. Or, if you export the entirety of your animation you can pick and choose any frame you wish (But this feature is really about adding this as an option to Advanced Export I think…).

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Hi Daniel

Great to hear it might be added.
Yes, the idea is I wouldn’t have to add anything else to the output folder
when sending it to DoubleClick or similar.

The backup image is usually the last frame of the scene, so I’d use that as
first option. Being able to set it as a JPG or GIF would be great. As far
as I know, DC does not support PNG as a backup image.


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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. That’d be great! Like Evan says, the backup image is usually the last frame (which contains, the message and cta). I’d be nice to have this feature implemented in the advanced export. PNG should be best because you can compress PNG better than JPG’s. @evancowan PNG is supported in DC ;).

Two things about this. Exporting to an image sequence (it would be nice to be able to do JPG or TIF also) should allow exporting just a specific frame or time range.

But my main request would be to have Hype automatically generate a backup.jpg image as part of the export because this is a requirement for Google’s DoubleClick ad network. The option to set a “poster frame” would be great and could be used for this. But a separate command for “Save current frame as” would be super handy for many other reasons too.


Thanks for the request - I definitely understand the importance of a poster image for ad networks and would like to have a solution for this.

For right now, I generally recommend taking a screenshot of the scene and using that.

Here’s a command line method for generating a static image from a Tumult Hype document.

  1. Install Homebrew:
  2. run the following in brew install webkit2png (You don’t need to do these steps more than once per machine)
  3. Preview your Hype document, or host your document somewhere and make a note of the URL
  4. Copy the URL shown in the browser
  5. Use the following script:

webkit2png -C -W 1300 -H 500 -D ~/Desktop --delay=5 --clipwidth=1300 --clipheight=500 -o Backup.png --ignore-ssl-check && mv Backup.png-clipped.png Backup.png

To use this, replace 1300 (the width) and 500 (the height) of your document and the URL (
This also sets a delay of 5 seconds, so if you want to capture your document after 30 seconds, adjust that value.
The final bit of code renames the image from Default.png-clipped.png to Default.png.

Hey Daniel,

Nice method, you can also use: --selector='.HYPE_scene'

But is the feature request still in development for Hype?