Run timeline onclick div


i use hype to make the nav burger with animation, when i click on the nav icon the timeline runs but when i click on a “li” the timeline dosen’t run on nav burger.

i’m trying to find something like: when click on “li” run timeline in “nav burger”


Can you share the app ?

Thank you, but i meant the Hype project :smile:

Okay, that makes no sense. If you want people to help, you need to either show the project, or explain in detail what the problem is.

Where is the li in that example. li to me is a tag for a list. Is that something else to you.

I cannot help unless you are willing to explain more, and provide the project so we are both looking at the same thing.

the li is in my website, it’s not in the hype project. i use hype to make the nav toggle, when i click on the toggle the timeline runs and it shows the li’s, what i want is when i click on li the time line runs again.

i have three scenes, when i click on navtoggle it goes to the second scene and i want it to go to third scene when i click on a li

i hope it easy to understand what i’m trying to explain :blush:

Have a look at this old Hype page.

Thanks @MarkHunte , that what i was looking for.

@MrAddy, thanks for the answers. :blush:

That page can also be found here: Linking to a specific scene from inside and outside of a Tumult Hype document (We will eventually be turning off the old forums)