Rotated Static element doesn't affect dynamic element

I posted something about this a while ago but without a response.

I created a test in which a slider controlled the angle of a “floor” object. The “ball” that would drop would interact with the floor object when it was flat. Sometimes the ball would bounce as expected. Other times, the ball would pulsate vertically. Other times the ball would not bounce.

When I tilted the floor, the ball would sometimes hang at the bottom, ignoring the tilt, or it would move to a position and move rhythmically.

I never figured out the problem.

Here’s the file:

Physics (29.4 KB)

Thanks for the bug report!

Wow that is a good bug!
I got the ball to move with the base but it defies gravity when you rotate the cup symbol. (17.9 KB)

I just started a project with Hype with the assumption that physics would work. VERY disappointing that this bug is still not fixed after over a year later!!! I’ll have to abandon doing this project with hype now…

Physics works with basic stuff, but it is not ready for full-blown commercial games. I’m not too concerned about where this fits on the priority list. There are many good things to come with Hype, but there is a lot to manage when it comes to keeping a business healthy. Adding new features, creating a new release, and driving a bump in revenue is a big deal. Bug fixes, while important, have to be taken care of as they go, based on a careful budgeting of a finite number of man-hours.
There are a number of humps that they still need to get over as a pro animation platform, which will make a big difference in boosting sales – and which would bring in the money to pay for development and bug fixes. Adding a full-timer to the staff is a serious expense and bringing in a contractor creates a range of issues. Frankly, it’s a chess game that requires a lot of forward thinking.
I figure that spreading the good word about Hype and helping Tumult to grow could eventually pay for some extra talent. They have a list and are serious about customer feedback. They’ll get to revising the physics as soon as they can.

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Thanks for the message. I get all of that. For the record, I wasn’t trying to create a game, just a simple animation using some physics.