Responsive (flexible) map with hotspots


I try to make a map with hotspots. When resizing my browserwindow I need the hotspots (pulsing spot from the Nakuru sample) to stay in place when the map is resized. Is that possible? I did put my hotpots and map in one group and also tried to combine them in a persistent symbol, but maybe I’m missing something obvious. Any clues?


Olav (250.9 KB)

Possible solution: you should use a static layout with the animation as Iframe.
with this code you can resize the map.

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Thanks @michelangelo I’ll check that out! So it’s not as easy as I had hoped but it should be possible.

Ok I have a new version with the script that was posted by @stephen (Thanks btw). The map and hotspots are now scaling with the same proportions, but it does not fill the full browser width. It is actually very small now with lots of white. How does the iframe fit in? I tried it in a new Dreamweaver document, but I don’t get it to work. (251.2 KB)