Responsive display problems in wedding invitation

thank you so much,
but there is another problem. I made responsive digital invitation, but when I use your countdown the font is not responsive.



how to fix that?

I moved this last request to a new thread, as the timer has nothing to do with that, as it doesn't have any style modifications or CSS in it and doesn't influence any design aspects except setting the number. If you haven't figured out what is going on, sharing a file or URL is best practice.

PS: I saw the link in you screenshot and deduced that this is the file… classroom

Hype works with absolute positioned elements, and the way you are using the flexible layout engine is probably the reason. You seem to align and scales the bounding box, but it doesn't resize fonts etc. One way to fix this is proportional scaling.

Read more about the topic in the official documentation:

Here is also a video on responsive setups:


Ok thank you so much, problem solved.

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