Resources not loading

(Peter) #1

Currently my team is trying to develop some ads for our server. However, upon upload and preview of the ads, resources fail to load. We get a bunch of fail to load resource errors in the console. Some of the previews show one of the resources load properly, the topmost one within the hype layering of code, but the rest fail. Has this happened to anybody else?

I have a feeling this might be a server issue since it’s been tested by others but I’d like to confirm if anyone else has ran into this problem and how they solved or dealt with it. Thanks for any insight.

(Greg) #2

Hi Peter, check Hype’s documentation to see if uploading to your server correctly…


Thanks Greg. Also, what are the errors you see?

(Peter) #4

It’s all failed to resource errors(404). There’s no other errors aside from that. Images aren’t loading. One image loads fine, but the rest don’t. The funny thing though is that the image that does load is the topmost layer in the hype file. What is the specific problem?