Resources folder won't copy to SFTP client

I’m having a new problem that’s only just occurred. I have a website to which I upload Hype files from time to time. I probably have a dozen on there and there’s never been any problem.

Recently I’ve constructed a rather massive Hype project; it’s the biggest I’ve ever done, but there have been others almost as large. The Resources folder will only copy about half the files and then I get this error message:

Error message= TypeError: result is null
URL= chrome://fireftp/content/js/connection/paramikojs/sftp_file.js
Line Number= 202

Sometimes I get just one of these and everything stops. Other times I get multiple messages and then it also stops uploading. It doesn’t seem to be any specific file.

Also something new I’ve noticed is that almost every JPG or PNG file has a sort of duplicate that has some characters added. For instance if I have a file named FileName.jpg, the folder will also have a file named FileName@2x.jpg.

I’ve never seen this before. None of my other resources folders have this new thing. Don’t know if that’s a useful clue or not.

I know I have plenty of room with my hosting site. I’ve also tried two different SFTP clients. This is a real head scratcher. Haven’t found much on any forums about this.

I recommend using something like Cyberduck, which is also free. Fireftp sounds like it is having issues with uploading.

This is Hype creating retina-ready images. Retina screens will load the larger @2x image, and regular devices will load the Filename.jpg variant. More info here in the Resource Optimization section of our documentation.

Hope that helps!

I am so glad you mentioned Cyberduck. I used that some years ago and had forgotten about it. It’s really the best I think. The link you sent to Resource Optimization is also super helpful.

However the ftp client was not the problem. After some rather sloppy and inefficient detective work on my part, I finally figured out that although I had increased my disk storage on the hosting service, I had neglected to actually reset the maximum disk allocation in the dashboard. I guess I thought one would take care of the other. That was the whole problem.

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Glad that did the trick!
Yeah Cyberduck is great, but I think they need to work on their mascot’s five mile stare: