Resource Library - Filter by "Not in use"

Add an option in the Resource Library to filter by “Not in use”.
Benefit: Help identify then remove unused resources and optimize project size.

Add a second “In use” filter dropdown menu that appears below the file types dropdown menu with options:

  • All (default)
  • In use
  • Not in use

This would allow you to do the following searches:

  • Videos > Not in use
  • Images > In use
  • Audio > All
  • All > Not in use

Another option: Have an icon/flag next to unused items in the Resources list


This could be a brilliant feature. I need it all the time. I often use old file as a template and the collection of unneccessary gadgets and crap can be huge.

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I agree something like this is really needed. Maybe a “purge” function where Hype compares and removes what’s actually being used Scene wise to what’s in the resource library.

To explain my “pain” :kissing: Yesterday I had a document of 8 scenes. I duplicated it and deleted scene 2-8 to begin fresh from scene one with some minor adjustments to Scene 1. So I go into the resource library and delete all the items I’m no longer using and Hype happily tells me these can’t be removed as they are used. :confounded:

So I end up manually copy pasting all I need, including recreating timelines and actions from Scene 1 into a new, new document. Argh… :slight_smile:

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Are You saying that the resources are not in use anywhere in the doc and Hype won’t let You remove them? I have not found this to be the case - they are always used somewhere in the project in my experience. When I remove all instances I have always been able to delete them from the “Resource” panel.

Also, if they are in fact not in use anywhere Hype does have something like this in the “Resources panel” at the bottom. Select the resource and then click the checkbox “Remove when no longer referenced”.

I still like the idea of the OP’s suggestion but a simple purge of unused resources can be done as shown above.

What is missing for me is when Hype tells me that the resource in question is in use (when I think I’ve removed them all) - where is this resource in use? Even if it was just ID’ing the Scene - on a large project (a large number of Scenes) this would be quite a time saver.


After Effects and Premiere have a great feature for “Reveal in Finder” and “Reveal in Project”. Also, “Remove Unused”

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This is the default behavior – “Remove when no longer referenced” is checked by default for resources. If you’re seeing unused elements in your document can you share it as a bug report?

I agree that ‘Reveal in Finder’ would be a great addition! (Also requested here)

The funny thing about this is it has caught me out by being the default.
I removed an image from a scene (the scene not the library) and was then going to just call it via js to fill an element.

By the time it came to run i kept getting errors until I realised the image had been completely removed from the project



Agree. Having “Remove when no longer referenced” is checked as a default is not the best route IMO. Main reason for me is when starting a project You are doing a lot of trial and error with layout, components, etc. and it is easy/likely that I will temporarily remove resources. Of course I’m “trained” now - I always uncheck that box.

This is where having a more robust filter for the Resources" panel would be great - being a able to filter on options like the “Remove…”.


Yep as am I.

Oh, well that’s interesting. I just always assumed that meant remove from the DOM when no longer used, not the assets panel! How amusing.

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