Reflect Not Working with Whisk

Hi all,

No matter what I do, I can't get Reflect for iOS to work with Whisk... tried all the troubleshooting steps. Any idea when a fix may come?


It sounds like you went through these steps, but I'm posting here just in case:

If you perform those and still have issues, then can you let us know:

  • what, if any, error may be presented?
  • does the device show up in whisk?
  • what does the screen in Reflect say (it has two different screens depending on what it sees on the network)


  • Can you describe your general network topology (routers, wireless/wired, etc.)
  • Do you have any types of firewall or software that does QoS or routing?
  • Can you let us know what versions of macOS and iOS you are running?
  • If you make an adhoc wifi connection on your mac, does that work when are connected to it on iOS?