Project with embedded video has no sound when exported as movie

Test project with embedded video works fine when exported as HTML5 but there is no sound when exported as movie.


Hi @Galeace, unfortunately Hype doesn’t export audio included with your project but here’s a guide on how to capture audio for a video: Exporting Video with Sound - Creating a Screencast

Hi Daniel,

I didn’t know that. It is just the first time I have to export as movie a project including a movie.
Anyway I used Screenflow to solve the problem without the need of Soundflower or any other “soft” cabling.
Screenflow a wonderfull pro video editing app.

Thanks anyway.

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this has been a feature request for nearly four years!

Not sure why it should be a feature request though. It seems nonsensical to me that Hype does not export audio for projects when they are exported as Movies even when that audio plays while the video is being exported.

I’m completely flabbergasted that this is not included as standard and wonder what use the current functionality is to anyone.

At any rate, it’s scuppered what we thought was a great solution for large amounts of animated video we wanted to produce.

Many animations do not include any audio.
I do classify it as a bug, but it isn’t a matter of code being broken, rather it needs implementation. The way video export works is by using the Hype runtime to advance and capture frames manually. Audio from video (and audio from Hype) therefore can’t be recorded as part of it since this does not happen in real time, instead it must be extracted and added specially to the video.

yep, that’s what I ended up doing in iMovie.

Audio does play when you export the video which is misleading if it doesn’t end up in the exported vid anyway. Couple that with other comments on the forums about working with audio (e.g. no audio plays when you play the timeline so you timing audio and animation is a matter of preview trial and error) and I think there’s a fairly good consensus for an overhaul in that department.

Many animations do not include any audio.

This is equally as true as the statement that many animations do.

Perhaps, in the interim, a really easy change would be to the text in the export menu. If it said something like “Video only…” instead of just “Video” it would at least be a true reflection of functionality. After all it does say “Export as Movie” and the last silent movie was made in 1935!

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