Problem with Hypegesture ? (drag & drop)


I've used Hans-Gerd 's script in this topic : Drag element limited by 'container' without additional js-library (this is really what I was looking for)
But there is a lag/gap issue with the mouse cursor :sob: I think there is a gap with the gestures...
I tried to make several changes but nothing works :scream:
Could you help me please ?

Thx in advance

Here is my last try :slightly_frowning_face: (76.7 KB)

I dont´think, you need any scripting here. Just animate the diver inside the 'pression 3' timeline top down, best is to use 'linear' for the animation - and your done... Is this, what you are looking for? Hope, this helps.

Regards, Kalle (78.2 KB)

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Thank U for this quick response :+1: I had thought about using your solution but I am trying to move the plunger all over the blue rectangle :slightly_smiling_face: (Look at the screenshot)

thanks again

Ok, what about controlling two timelines? One for the vertical and one for the horizontal movement. That should do the trick...

Regards, Kalle (76.8 KB)

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But even the scripted version works, if you mark 'Position with CSS left/top' in the Document Inspector.

image (77.9 KB)


AWESOME ! Its works like a charm ! You found two solutions for my problem :sunglasses:

Thx a lot !!!! :+1: :+1: :+1: