Problem with adword- Google Display Network


My banners are finished, and all is ok with the on google website.

After uploaded and sent banners to Google, after a manuel inspection from google, the Google Team say to me that there is a problem with the banners ( but with no more détails !! ) and they don’t want to intervene and seek because my banners are not created with their tools like this:

I am going to insist to have more details about the error tomorow…because like that, its not possible to find and resolved the problem in Hype or in the JS/ Html file…

Anybody have already meet this kind of problem?

This is my banners:


Hey Nicolas,

I just checked your files in h5validator and it showed an error - you haven’t included a clickTag.

Check out how to do this here: Advertising Banner Production: Start here

thank you for the answer, ok I trie your code and inserted an URL in the header with the script code. But I have always same error…clic mouse appear and the destination is not correct its twint2

We transfert file:

thank you for the help.

Your URL looks incorrect you have put:’%%’,

when you will probably need:‘’,

is this correct though as it looks like that page does not exist?

You have correctly coded it though - you just need to get your destination URL now!

Ok thank you, its resolved.