Preview in Chrome opens multiple tabs, instead Safari simply refresh the page

I noticed this interesting behaviour: when I preview a project in Chrome I get thousand tabs because every time it opens a new one, instead Safari is “smarter” because it understands that the url is the same and it simply refreshes the page! :smiley:

I would like to have the same behaviour in Chrome, if possible, but I didn’t find any discussion about this (maybe I just didn’t find the right keywords…).

This little thing would improve a lot my productivity since I’m testing code compatible only with Chrome! :stuck_out_tongue:


Agree, I always find this a pain…in…the…A…


Same with Firefox.

Is there really no way to force chrome to open preview in the same tab?? This drives me nuts…


We looked into a solution a couple of years ago for this problem but were hit by significant roadblocks due to the macOS sandboxing security technology.

My recollection is that there are some Chrome extensions that you can setup that will allow reusing a tab if the same URL is attempted to be opened. I don’t know which one is best (I personally just use Safari that does not have this behavior!) so if you find one please report back with what you used :slight_smile:.

Thanks for the reply Jonathan, unfortunately I’ve tried a couple of extensions and none of them seem to do the trick… seems like an annoying feature of macos. And like you said, Safari seems to enjoy a special treatment.

Check for ‘Duplicate Tab Helper’ for Chrome. That does the trick. Only, it doesn´t reload the tab automatically. So another cmd-r is necessary

Thanks for the heads-up, I’ve continued using Safari and checking in Chrome periodically.