PowerPoint for Mac does 3D with Morph Transition

Good news for those who use PowerPoint for Mac, you can easily create these type of animations like I did effortlessly with included 3d objects.

This is amazing because it uses slides as oppose to timelines, something I wish hype can upgrade to one day and leave legacy timeline as an option.

One of the ways we can bring these 3d objects into hype, is to export a video from powerpoint for each and every object animation, and then use something like After effects to remove the background retime frames export a sequence of images with alpha support and then bring it to hypes sprite feature.

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This also uses a slides approach

It’s worth mentioning that this transition extension also works with persistent objects, provided you enable it on a surrounding group. This opens up the possibility of animating arbitrary values in third-party systems. However, achieving that would likely necessitate integrating or developing a JavaScript animation library, as the beta preview currently relies on native animations. Alternatively, one might make use of the events generated by the native animations. Definitely something to consider for future development.

I believe you but it sounds complicated :smile: I hope hype 5 brings morph/timeline support natively via scenes and smarter web responsive features and if that’s not enough bonus 3D import with ability to use onscreen widget rotations, sizing… emulating ms PowerPoint, all in a tweaked ui environment. :joy: Me and my Wishful thinking

Scene Magic is not complicated… what I discussed was adding non hype and non html5 elements via persistent symbols. They usually are rendered by some library like three or spline into a canvas. But for basic scene morphing there isn’t much to it.