Physic element triggering sound - car dashboard

(Shmuel) #1

Hi , so i have no knowledge how to do following thing:

I created car dashboard with animation and + sounds ,( its very cool check it out.)
But when i release gas the sound doesn’t match , is there a way to trigger sound by physics elements hitting another physic elements ?//////

It would be crazy if somebody find a solution , i have one ( creating multiple scenes for each gear )

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Very cool document! The sound synchronization seems to work pretty well for me in previewing; can you elaborate more on what you mean when you say it doesn’t match? (also note there are some export contexts such as older browsers, iBooks, or file:/// urls where it can’t be as well synced).

As for collision detection in physics, this is a popular feature request we’d like to add. Some intrepid users have figured out ways to do it with varying success until Hype has a built-in solution. Here’s a few posts: