Poor mans Hit detection (physics )

(Mark Hunte) #1

This is not really a contender for Physics hit detection but a simple enough way to get basic hit detection.

( the code idea is originally from one of Tumults drag examples. Which detects the drag event and maps two objects position.)

Be good if I could figure a way to add an event detection on the motion change to fire the js. But I am having to use a timeline loop.

poorMansHitDetection2.hypetemplate.zip (29.8 KB)

Side note:
I actually use a version of the Tumult code on some internal web pages that have a couple hidden target zones and an element that just looks like decoration in plain view, that if dragged on to the targets will show hidden scenes.

The scenes are not top secret, I just do not want them on general display as they hold notes and other stuff useful only to me.

Bu I love it that no one will ever realise they are there.

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(Greg) #2

Mark, that rules. And it’s fairly easy to understand