PhoneGap requirements

I am totally new to programming and am looking at PhoneGap to take my HYPE3 html file and resources folder and create a workable hybrid app for iOS/Android/Win stores
Has anyone done this who can help or can anyone point me in the direction of what I need to do to be able to do this, I understand I need an index.htm and config.xml file but I’m clueless as to if I can rename my file and go from there and what else I need.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The exported .html file can be renamed to whatever you want (or simply exported with the index.html name). It is only the name and contents of the .hyperesources folder that must remain the same.

There are some specific tips on this post by @daniel. Searching the forums will reveal other tips.

Beyond this, there’s nothing too special about Hype’s output that causes issues with PhoneGap, so their documentation should directly apply! Of course you’re welcome to ask any specific questions as well.

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Hi Dan,
I am currently working on an iOS app with PhoneGap, and NWJS to compile MacOS and Windows applications, all my initial tests have been successful at a basic level.

I aim to post a tutorial series once I have this all sorted (Don’t hold your breath though!).
My initial tests with PhoneGap build have been successful and the app performance has been great.

Check out the Configap program to help you compile your config.xml file ready for PhoneGap Build to utilise.

I am happy to assist if you have other questions, I am still learning this process too mind you.


Hi Isaac,

thanks for the reply, I’m so out of my depth with programming, I don’t really know the terminology or systems used so advice can get very confusing, very quickly for me, I’m not a total idiot but I’m more of a design guy, I’m not holding my breath but a tutorial would be great as I’m sure there are more like me who can design stuff but get lost in the programming etc.

I will look at Configap, thanks, I was given a config.xml from some nice person on the forum but I’ve yet to make the jump to actually submitting anything on PhoneGap Build, I got sidelined by questions of using external fonts and trying to embed them within the resources folder! Still not totally solved that as I’m not sure how I do it to fonts I already installed and got Hype to use! Uninstall and start again?

Thanks for the offer, if you know the font answer then great, I was even considering exchanging all text for png images of the text…but that seems a little extreme and probably not a great idea…probably.


Hi again Isaac,
ConfiGAP looks great, just what I need, might be an idiot question though, can’t choose a ‘source directory’ in the General tab, I was assuming this was the .hyperesources folder with all my images etc in, ‘open’ stays greyed out! Any ideas as the link to online help isn’t working.

Hi Dan,
For ConfiGap to work you need to have your PhoneGap folder structure already created. This is an easy step if you use the Official MacOS PhoneGap App that can be found here:

Once you have set up a new folder structure using the above program you will have a confit.xml file generated. This xml file is your Source Directory.

Your Hype HTML and recourses folder need to go in the WWW folder, PhoneGap will look to run an index.html file from this directory automatically so if you name your hype file this at the beginning it b comes easier for you.

Zip the file and upload to PhoneGap Build.

Friendly reminder that if you want to preview this app on iOS you will need to provision your app / device and activate the required iOS Developer certificates. You add these as part of the PhoneGap Build creation.

iOS development preparation seems very daunting at the start, but it becomes easier. I believe that android does not require active certificates to test your app on device.

I hope to build this tutorial to explain better, but am more than happy to assist you further.

Keep at it!