Persistent Symbols with different Layouts

Ok, so i made a persistent symbol out of a group of text and elements. This is the top banner of my site. It’s just a black box that goes over the top of the site, and then text elements that are my sites title and buttons to go to the different Scenes.

Now when I go to add my layouts (iphone, ipad portrait, ipad landscape, and desktop), i can’t adjust them per layout. If i want my persistent symbol at the top of my page to change depending on which layout i’m at, it changes it for all layouts since it’s persistent. example…

on desktop mode, my text is long and goes across the top of the page in 42pt font. In iPhone mode, this is clearly to large of a font, and i’ll need to make it to where the text is two lines so it’s not trying to stretch across the small screen in such a small font size. So i change the font size and the text to two lines instead of one inside the iPhone layout, but since it’s a Persistent symbol for my site, it changes all of the layouts and pages to have the smaller font size and two lines of text instead of one.

is this a flaw in persistent symbols/layouts? or am i going about doing this all wrong?

Symbols/Persistent Symbols are meant to be identical per instance on a scene or layout. If you need different content, then you should place this outside of a symbol.

(that said, being able to do one-offs for symbol instances is a pretty good feature request!)

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It’s good to have persistent symbols for common elements, but they need:

  1. Free positioning (like now)
  2. Same position in all scenes, i.e. moving it in one scene adjust position in all others
  3. Fixed position. This, of course, can be achieved with CSS.