Persistent background dissapearing

The title is quite self explaining.

Im using the scroll to trigger scenes transitions, but Im trying to use a background as persistent symbol so in that way the background stays the same or I can modify the content via “custom behaviors”.

BUT, the background disappears as soon the scene transitions is triggered by the scroll mouse:

Here you can find the .hype document:


Something’s rotten in Denmark…

I have reduced your file down to the bare minimum - just the symbol - set to persistent - with the enclosed image; all code and ancillary files are removed. A mouse click on the image to change scenes.

The symbol disappears as the background is transitioning (what ever the transition style) in the four major browsers; however, if the symbol type is set to standard all works as expected.

I have also started completely from scratch. As soon as the new symbol is converted to persistent, the result is as before.

Project file (set to persistent): (458.4 KB)

Now, this bring a new problem, the background jumps on top when the transition is triggered: (403.8 KB)

This makes the transition somewhat awkward since the persisten symbol gets on top of everything else.

While I could work everything in the same Scenes avoiding this problem, the customer liked the idea of jumping between scenes using the scroll wheel.

Disabling “display on top during scene transition” causes the initial error to occur.

WOW, I can’t believe it but I do believe I MAY found the solution.

Using the information here: Modify the Background Color or Background Image of your Document

I found that making the background transparent actually fix this error: (405.8 KB)

Sure, it nows ignore the background color set inside Hype, but its not a big deal now.


Unless there is a compelling reason to have the symbol be persistent, I believe using a “standard” symbol instead works just as You wanted to start with. Note: In the version below I removed the video sequence to save space, otherwise it is just as your original file. (2.7 MB)


Without being the background as persistent, the background, even if its the same, changes / moves with the transitions, its disorienting and cause eye straining.

With the persistent background now it looks like this:

Got it - looks nice!

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Looks great,

( the scroll dose not work on iOS though )

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In addition to this subject I also found that using this could be a better solution:

It still requieres the transparent background solution but it fixes the “empty” space that sometimes appears between scene transitions.

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