Hype Function flickers wallpapers

(David Guillermo Escalante Trinidad) #1

Im using this code:

So people visiting the site can share specific pages, use the browser navigations buttons and stay in the same scene if they reload the page.

Im also using this code:

That way I can set the background image and video using certain conditions and making the background to stay the same without the scene transitions to interfere: Persistent background dissapearing


The first one is causing the wallpapers to flicker:

If I do remove / comment the whole code, the site works just fine:

To see exactly what I mean, go to “Heuristic” and navigate using the content menu:

If necessary, here you can download the hype file:

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2

try this change (just a guess):

var checkHash = function() {
        var hash = window.location.hash.substring(1);
        for (var i = 0; i < hypeDocument.sceneNames().length; i++) {
            if (hypeDocument.sceneNames()[i] == hash && hypeDocument.currentSceneName() != hash) {

    if (window.loadedHashLocation != true) {
        window.loadedHashLocation = true;
        window.onhashchange = checkHash;

    window.location.hash = "#" + hypeDocument.currentSceneName();

(David Guillermo Escalante Trinidad) #3

So simple, but it works, you are genius!

I don’t know how users would live without this forum and users like you. I seriously feel bad to ask for so many help with these js scripts but Im thankful there is people willing to help.



Hans, along the other two “regulars” who are routinely so generous with their time & JavaScript knowledge - @MarkHunte and @DBear - really transform this Forum in to a place of learning. Reading books & sleuthing through the Internet are valuable resources, but to have this level of JavaScript input~insight to questions that directly concern animating content with Hype is really extraordinary!

Gentlemen - Thank You so much!

I seriously feel bad to ask for so many help

@Davirus It is with questions like yours that we all get to learn - isn’t that part of what this Forum is about? (No one has to answer if they don’t want to.)