Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and Hype

I have been a gamers for a while and since 2016 I started to take it more seriously, but just recently my girlfriend and I decided to be part of the streaming community and OBS is the standard for streaming.

As soon as I noticed OBS allow to embed HTML code for the Streamlabs widgets, the first thought was: Is possible to create my own using Hype?

I mean, most widgets are just plain HTML and CSS, nothing really fancy, so using Hype could provide with more eye candy, and there is one thing that I really wanted: To be able to change anything on the fly, I know is possible using JS and Hype make this process super easy.

And well, YEAH, It does work!

Hype it self makes the animation extremely easy.

I am amazed how Hype is not mentioned anywhere about how good it works with OBS, specially since Streaming Overlays are about motion graphics, and real time data.

While I am aware that gaming is a windows/PC only thing, and Hype is OSX oriented, many streamers actually use Mac for their editing and streaming hardware.

So, my solution have been to create everything on my OSX workstation, and upload to my personal ftp site, then link every scene using Hans-Gerd Claßen hashtag awesome JS:

I believe Hype should make this more apparent to streamers in an attempt to make Hype the standard for widgets in OBS:

Specially for the realtime capabilities, animations can be triggered by the users actions, such as comments, follows, donations, and the animations needs less resources than slapping a lot of 60fps videos.

EDIT: New test
I am really in love with the things one can create using Hype for OBS widgets:


Impressive! I have been using OBS last year for a business stream and loved to use Hype with that. Thank you for sharing!

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Would you be willing to do a tutorial video walking through the process?

Yeah, of course. I might be able to do it this coming week.

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