Perform an Action when Visible

Do we get an autoplay scroll in view option?

You can use Viewport Actions to trigger actions based on whether an element is visible or not: Tumult Hype Documentation (But make sure you're embedding using the 'div' option in the Plugin's dashboard).

Yes, very much to the point it works well, Thank you!

But I can only use the viewpoint action combined with a mouse event. This I need to set a rectangle in the scene to this action for it to work. There is no scene action that comes with a viewpoint option. Or am I overlooking an option?

Correct. Select an object, and set an 'On Enter Viewport' action. Whenever a pixel of that element is within the viewport, the action is run. If you want it to apply to the entirety of the scene, make a rectangle and adjust it so that it is the same size of your scene.

You can set an 'on exit viewport' action to that element as well, to do something like pausing a timeline.

Here we go:

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The gray Area above will be a Hype map showing all the offices in Europe. Will generate a hotspot with address and contact information. Start simple and expand on that.

Update: got the Basics running. Just need to finetune the scenes and timelines.