Pendular motion with physics + chain with physics

Hello, help needed here.

I need to build an animation of a pendular motion using physics.
And a chain.
Both of them need to maintain full physics behaviour.

Q1_PENDULAR MOTION: How can I anchor down a point of any element but still mantain full physics behaviour in that element.

Q2_CHAIN: And how can I connect two or more elements and mantain physics, like links in a chain.

Thanks for the help.



The underlying engine that Hype uses for physics, Matter.js, does support constraints that could do a pendulum and chains. Unfortunately Hype's Editor UI does not expose the constraint functionality to do this without code.

Hype does expose the underlying physics engine though, so you can programmatically add these if you are so inclined. There's an example here that shows how to get at the underlying physics bodies and engine to add constraints and make a basic chain:

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Thanks a lot for your help Jonathan.

I’ll try that.


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