Parental Gate using Java

I’m trying to add a parental gate to my Hype app for iOS. Basically a Scene would say something like “Parents, tap six, five, four”

And under there will be a series of 6 numbers and only if the parent taps on those numbers in the correct order 6,5,4 it will continue. The trick also is that every time the numbers need to change, so they should appear in random order from that group of 1 to 6

This is an Apple requirement if you want to include include links outside the app on any app intended for kids. Any one has done something similar?

Clearly I would need some JS, but my knowledge of Java is enough to copy from sources and modify, but not create something like this from scratch. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

May Help …

THis solution might work, as you said, but the code included there is different from what I need. No need to move elements, just to tap them in the right order. I also need to show different numbers every time.

It does not depend on any special behavior …

And i thought you requested some Code that you can adapt …Change in on your own …

Yes, but within my somewhat limited java skills. This I think requires much more than just changing a few variables.

I found a file that you posted to drag and drop in the correct place, and that could work as a parent gate as well!

But is there a way to continue the timeline once you complete the activity? (21.6 KB)

Figured it out, if anyone is interested. The parental gate asks the Parent what is 2+1. There are three options available, and parent needs to drag the correct answer into the answer Square. At that point the Timeline (22.1 KB)

Thank you h_classen!

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Some different solution in comparison to your Initial requests :joy::see_no_evil::+1:

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So this is a solution using the hypeConditionLinker:

the hypefile: