Click and carry an object

visiting this site and the second screen as the author made the technique of the star that we click on it and we take to the network. how to give command of the program to perform an action the moment we put the star in the network

Hi the star is being dragged and then dropped on to a target area. Javascript will be used for registering the target area and its actions

It would be best you search the site for drag and drop and read through the many threads to show how to do this.

Search results for 'drag and drop' - Tumult Forums (23.8 KB)
this should work …


@h_classen’s example is a good place to start.

Here is the Hype project used to make the HTML document that You linked to.
A beautiful presentation.

Hi @h_classen ,

I am using the file you supplied above and need some urgent help if you can.

The drag and drop question works great but breaks down if I create another question.

What is the best way to create another question using your code?

On the new question I have continued on with the naming convention used for each drag group e.g. d004, d005, d006 ect. so none are duplicated

I have done the same for the drop zones e.g. drop4, drop5, drop6 ect.

If you could repost the example with a second working question that would be fantastic,

Thanking you in advance!!

Nice! This means I can recreate the ad below if I ever wanted to by simplifying the script.

the example itsself in fact provides three dragDrop-examples … so i don’t get your question here …

above this … please try yourself or someone other may step in …

Friend thank you for the help!

to explain: my above statement does not mean to be ungentle, but at the end of the day one should be able to adjust given code or … at least provide a question that gives sense. no one will be able to read someones mind for him or her or agendered …

Thanks for the reply,

What I need to do is recreate the first scene as another question but when I do the code breaks down.

Can you point me in the right direction as the hitCheck.js is a complicated file and I am struggling to fully understand it.

Here is my duplicate hype file for you to look at with two scenes >> (61.0 KB)

As you can see the code doesn’t fire on the second scene when all items have been dragged into position.

Thanks, Stephen.

you’ve got to reset


to the startvalue when a mission is completed.

please forget about the hitCheck.js and study the checkDrop-function

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Cant thank you enough - works great now

no matter :slight_smile:

further support is billing regular 80€ /hour :wink: